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Solar Street Light

Sun-In-One™ offers an economically and environmental solution to traditional street and area lighting technologies. Sun-In-One solar powered streetlights are energy efficient off grid lighting systems that provide bright, high output luminaries with lower power consumption. The sun charges the electrical system for each solar streetlight so there are no electricity costs for operation and minimal maintenance costs. Sun-In-One solar streetlights can be a cost effective solution for street lighting as there is no need for trenching and wiring the lights to a grid supply. Solar powered LED lighting and solar powered security lighting from Sun-In-One is ideal for many military, transportation, shipping, warehousing, dock, university and fence lighting challenges.











Benefits of Solar Powered Lighting:
• No vandalism of cables
• Cost savings from day one due to ease of installation
• People feel safer when areas are lit
• Can be installed in the most remote locations
• Free energy once installed-no electric bills
• Will turn on even after cloudy days
• Reach beyond commercial power lines
• Not connected to power grid-will work even when electric power is out
• High efficiency LED Lighting











There are different motivations for wanting solar powered lights. Typical considerations include:
• Carbon emission reduction
• Financial ROI
• Available grants and rebates
• Cost of ownership
• Cost of supplying power
• Product cost and installation
• Electricity costs
• Reliability
• Lighting performance, short and long term
• No bulb changes therefore maintenance is almost zero
• No trenching of wires saving time and money
• Remote locations without the high cost of running power lines
• Mobility of unit that can be moved without relocating the wires
• Our SkyEye tm Security Streetlight can run with our solar street light.











Every Self-Contained Solar Power Assembly Features:
• Solar panel array
• LED light
• Side of pole mounting kit
• Charge controller
• Vented battery console
• All control electronics

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